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to trust new skills

Streaming videos for self-defense tactics and techniques, firearms training and more.




Review Streaming Options

  • You will have unlimited access time to the videos you purchase.
  • In the future you will see additional training resource options added to the Video Library first-hand.


Your Education Path

  • Each training path is specific to each and every person.
  • We understand there are many needs, so we have established a recommended path for youth, young adults moving away from home, your family, your safety and business leaders.
  • Our recommended first video lesson stream is: Real World Safety


We’ll Stand Beside You

  • Learning to be safe is an investment and you want to know it’s with trusted partners.
  • That’s why we provide you only the best professional education. If you’re unsure about any part of the process, we’re always available to help so you feel comfortable.
  • We support you always.
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  • We are real people in the U.S. and willing to talk to you!

Training on Any Device

Connect wherever you are.

View all of our video content whenever and wherever you are on any device – phone, tablet, desktop or streamed on your personal TV.

Hours of Video Instruction

A library of self-defense and firearms training videos. 
Hours of training tips, demonstrations, tactics, and information created by experts to help those who are serious about training and their personal safety.

Anytime Access

Always available.
On-demand access without being tied down by an instructor’s schedule. Watch and re-watch whenever you want.

"High Quality"

Sealed Mindset’s Real World Safety is a powerful comprehensive and truly holistic approach to understanding one’s ability to navigate personal protection from violence. I not only didn’t feel overwhelmed with the information but, empowered by hearing Angela’s experience as well as genuinely cultivating useful mind and skill set. The educators in the video did a great job explaining the information and were welcoming. I did not feel intimidated.

Kylee C.

“You are never unarmed.”
“You always have your mindset to keep yourself safe no matter the situation!”

Customized Training Made Easy And Personalized Just For You


your future

Invest in you

  • Experts who have years of experience and are qualified to share the most important skills you need.
  • A knowledgeable team that are ready to listen and eager to address your questions.


online and available 24/7

Available wherever and whenever you want

  • From Beginners to tactical professionals, welcome to your new streaming training program.
  • Each of us are at different levels, and our leading industry-leading professionals are continuing to develop new programs to ensure
    the right courses to meet your needs.
  • What class should I take next?… Through professional guidance we are working to offer multiple training tracks aimed at delivering to your desired goals.


to trust new skills

Skills are perishable and you are never unarmed

  • Maintain your skills with a streaming program available at affordable rates on a world-class video platform.
  • Progressive reality-based training from beginner to advanced.

Think and Train differently!

The kind that is unique to you and your life style. The kind that helps create comfort.
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At PROTACTICS we know that you have limited time for learning and you want your family and yourself to be safe. In order to do that, you need the skills to fill the gap in self-defense. The problem is there are many threats in our environment which makes you feel afraid and at a disadvantage. We believe as a citizen defender, you ought to have the knowledge and skillset for protection. We understand the powerless feeling during a time of threat which is why we want to provide you with situational awareness skills so you can take action and have the education available at your convenience.

Here’s how we do it:
1. Review Program Options

2. Select Your Education Path

3. We’ll Stand Beside You

So, start now to begin training today. And in the meantime, email or call if you have any questions. So you can stop feeling unprepared and fearful and instead feel confident in your knowledge and mindset to trust your skills and ability.


"For My Children"

“I was worried that these skills might be intimidating or too hard to learn, but I harnessed my inner ‘Mama Bear’ and found out these skills are fun, exciting, and gave me access to safety information I had never heard before or found anywhere else. I literally use these new skills every day.”

Renee, Mother and professional Teacher

What’s Your Investment?

Your training will provide you the knowledge to overcome your fear. Automatic thinking under stress can only be developed with the right training and mindset.
Develop your plan of action now, or you won’t be prepared for tomorrow.

Equip Train Confidence
the skills and mindset you can trust!