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Our Story



Like you, the PROTACTICS team are husbands, wives, daughters, sons and have children and grandchildren. Friends who have known great joy and suffered tremendous loss. Friends who know the importance and power of training, education and keeping your loved ones and yourself safe.

Proudly, we started out by combining our dreams as a collective group of educators, and industry professionals. The goal…. to provide YOU with training and education through an innovative streaming video platform to meet your needs, no matter where you live.

We’re all fans of a good story and we knew we needed to do more. As friends, we can say with great sincerity that today, bringing training and personal safety knowledge to your family, your children as they head into the world alone for the first time, yourself and other citizens across the country brings all kinds of joy.

From the small towns in Iowa, the farmland in Nebraska, to the suburbs of Minneapolis or life in a big city. Together is how we stay safe!

We’d love to hear your story about how this training helped you.

"For My Children"

“I was worried that these skills might be intimidating or too hard to learn, but I harnessed my inner ‘Mama Bear’ and found out these skills are fun, exciting, and gave me access to safety information I had never heard before or found anywhere else. I literally use these new skills every day.”

Renee, Mother and professional Teacher

What’s Your Investment?

Your training will provide you the knowledge to overcome your fear. Automatic thinking under stress can only be developed with the right training and mindset.
Develop your plan of action now, or you won’t be prepared for tomorrow.

Equip Train Confidence
the skills and mindset you can trust!